I'm Tanner!
I Make Fucking Awesome Websites
& Build Killer Stuff At Dropbox

I'm Tanner Godarzi and I love Web Design, Heavy Metal plus beer - let's work together! I began immersing myself in design and development early in high school with an extreme fascination of how the biggest sites on the web functioned. My curiosity turned me to The Art Institute of Orange County and I pursued an AS in Web Design Interactive Media. Not content with just interning my way through college, I went head first into a design agency called Vision Design Studio to sharpen my brand of kick ass, in your face design and development then contracted briefly in Experian's Interactive division. I now work with heavy metal band Machine Head — which has some killer perks — and moved to San Francisco, CA to work at Dropbox and build amazing stuff.

I've worked with clients who all share the same goal of delivering a quality and engaging experience. I tackle projects with enthusiasm to create something killer. This is what I'm passionate about and what I love doing - let's work together and make something awesome!

Skills And Buzzwords!
HTML, CSS, Javascript & Front End Design
Modular CSS and SASS
Responsive & Mobile Design
Designing interactive and immersive experiences
Object-Oriented Javascript Development
JSON/API implementations
Experience with Git and version control
Javascript templating such as Handlebars.js
A passion for learning
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I might be young but I've got enough experience and education to make my parents proud.

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