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Machine Head

In late 2013 Machine Head put out the call for a Web Designer to assess future plans for a possible new site. After contacting the band and conceptualizing, I began working on what would be an absolutely killer site well received by fans and rejuvenate the band's web presence.

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Machine Head

Machine Head - an Oakland heavy metal band formed in 1991 - bring their special brand of in your face, ass kicking heavy metal across the globe. Consisting of Robb Flynn, Dave McClain, Phil Demmel and Jared MacEachern. The band has released 8 albums with their most recent – 'Bloodstone & Diamonds' – arriving in November, 2014. Not familiar with Machine Head? Check out songs such as Now We Die, Locust or Imperium.

The Process

The design process began in early February as a mix of prototyping and continuously refining an interactive design with a very clear idea of what the final output should be. I worked closely with Machine Head's front man — Robb Flynn — to develop an in your face experience that matched the band's bombastic energy. Prototyping played a huge role in fine tuning interactive elements which also gave us the opportunity to experiment with a smooth parallax effect for mobile devices, something very rarely done but the end result is absolutely amazing in its fluidity.

The interactive theme of each section was breaking apart layouts and building or deconstructing them as you scroll through the site. Content had to be laser focused to create a smooth continuous experience and only revolved around the most essential items a fan would need on the band's site. It's very easy to get caught up in the energy and extremity of Machine Head's music which could cause some difficulty in creating an interface that's easy to understand while simultaneously being energetic. This forced me to be even more critical during the design process to create a site that was the equivalent of a smooth running machine not bogged down with useless bells and whistles. I couldn't be more proud of the final result.

Starting from scratch gave us the opportunity to explore new technology and revamp sections of the site to address user problems. Merchandise plays a huge part in any band's business so creating a simple to understand shopping experience that caters to a fan's location was essential. The most popular Merch items are displayed and when clicked, reveals a very straightforward shopping page that only shows sizes and prices specific to which store they would be ordering from.

Tour dates are kept in sync with a custom implementation of the Bandsintown API to keep it in brand with Machine Head's site while keeping fans up to date on the latest tour announcements. Bandsintown was a crucial component in marketing upcoming tours as it engages hard core fans by allowing them to share with friends which shows they'll be attending while alerting fans about events who might now always be in the know of tours coming their way.

Bloodstone & Diamonds Site

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