The Story Of Tanner

I’m an LA refugee living in San Francisco. I go to too many concerts past my bed time. I don’t live life too seriously. I attack every problem head on. I love coffee, pizza and heavy metal. Let’s make something awesome.

I grew up in Southern California and in my early years I’ve always been inspired by the web. Being able to create something that thousands if not millions of people can use to me is the highest form of flattery. As soon as I wrapped up high school I went headlong in to design college and began interning at design agencies. I’ve had the opportunity to work with large clients such as the Art Institutes.

My passion for live music and heavy metal has had me travel with friends to experience some amazing opportunities. In late 2013 Machine Head put out the call for a Designer/Developer to build their new online home as they transitioned labels. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite bands to help them connect with fans and promote their latest release and tour.

Through the mayhem of non stop work and studying I began to find my passion in designing and developing with the intent of improving people’s lives even through the tiniest of interactions. I don’t believe most systems are inherently evil or out to ruin but inefficiencies can be perceived as slights that snowball. I was offered the opportunity to work briefly under Experian’s Affinity Division on mobile first UI flows for their largest partners.

Looking for the next opportunity to make a huge impact in December 2014 I decided on moving from Long Beach to San Francisco. I joined Dropbox’s newly formed Web Dev team focusing on user and revenue growth. I’ve worked on thoughtful A/B testing, experimentation, new user facing features and building a sustainable team culture. I’ve tackled tough problems such as shifting the focus of Web Development to building a lean and efficient Front End, revamp code testing and growing revenue from Dropbox’s products.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Github or you can grab my resume.

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